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Liz Hunter


I have worked as I physio for 30 years, initially in the NHS  in Cumbria and Shropshire, then locally in private practice since 1996 after having my two children.

I treat all joint, muscular complaints, back and neck problems as well as provide before and after care for a wide range of operations. I have a hands on approach and teach patients about their condition as well as how they can help themselves and prevent the reoccurrence of their problem.

I strive to progress my knowledge; attending courses regularly. I have a keen interest in biomechanics and prevention of injury, these aid in the diagnosis as well as treatment and prescription of rehabilitation plans.

For the last 25 years I have practiced acupuncture and find it complements my physio work. I use acupuncture regularly for the treatment of pain, arthritis, headaches, vertigo, stress & anxiety.

I am also qualified to complete DSE/ work station ergonomic assessments. In local companies I assess work stations and postures, then give appropriate advice on improvements in line with health and safety at work requirements. It is an important requirement of employers to ensure their employees are able to work in safe and comfortable environment and avoid potential repetitive strain injuries.

Another passion is about posture and have voluntarily been into local schools to educate the children about back care & posture. Prevention is better than cure.

On a regular basis I attend local sports clubs to give talks on injury prevention, stretching and strengthening exercises. I work closely with local my swimming club  in supporting the swimmers and coaches and have supported some in their progression to the British team.

Having completed a PgCE I have worked at the University of Cumbria as an anatomy lecturer. However in the last few years I have concentrated on developing the clinic and use this skill to train and develop my associate physiotherapists and massage therapist.

I am a dedicate caring physiotherapist who has a hands on approach to treatment.

Link here to full list of post grad training.

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