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Massage reduces tension and tenderness in the muscle as well as stretching the muscle and other connective tissues allowing the body to move more freely. Easing tension helps with stress, postural problems, improves sense of well-being and can aid recovery from sports performance. Massage can be used to help maintain healthy functioning muscles as well as treating overworked or injured muscles and connective tissues to prevent further injury. 

Miriam, our massage therapist treats all information with full confidentiality.  Along with a physical assessment, you will be asked a number of questions regarding your medial history, your present issue, hobbies and life style. This will help the therapist assess the issue and develop a treatment plan.

Following the massage, stretches or exercises may be given to help prolong the benefits.

The price of the first treatment / 45 minutes is £40.00 and follow up treatments, lasting 30 minutes are £30.00. Gift vouchers are available. 

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